Party information
Classic Party

Classic party - you see this name in our programme regularly. It is a party that has no theme. So a classic party awaits you - great atmosphere and guests, fun, excitement... just a swingers party :-). The name does not mean we are playing classical music - we started it long time ago to answer your question whether the party is held if there is no theme for the day - and we kept it :-).

Quick information:

When can we come? Party begins at 9 p.m. and finishes at 4:30 a.m. Entrace to club is possible between 9-11 p. pm.
Do we need a reservation? No, you don't. Just come.
Entrance fee?
CZK 1100 for a couple
Any dresscode?
None, just come as you like and you can undress whenever you feel like it.
Do we need to bring something? Good mood :-)

All other practical information can be found in the section Visiting our club

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